Coronavirus: What is it and how to find out more

A virus that acts a lot like the flu or the common cold with regards to symptoms ie. Cough, fever and difficulty breathing, COVID-19 overwhelms our lungs causing pneumonia in severe cases.

The Coronavirus spreads mostly through contact with an infected person in the form of droplets when they cough or sneeze.

It can also infect a person if the person has touched an object or surface that has been contaminated with the virus and then touches their mouth, nose or eyes.

With the world facing an uncertain time encouraging people and businesses to practice social distancing, many businesses are having to close their doors in attempts to “flatten the curve”. While many businesses may be suffering there are ways to keep potential clients interested. With a spike in online activity, eCommerce opportunities have increased for many businesses in the retail industry. Unfortunately with restrictions to certain "Essential" items only, businesses with "non-essential" products will still be affected.

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