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Introducing an exciting collaboration between SiteMeUp Online Marketing and PayFast, aimed at revolutionising the digital marketing landscape for PayFast Merchants. In a strategic partnership, SiteMeUp Online Marketing is thrilled to offer exclusive, discounted digital marketing packages tailored to elevate the online presence of PayFast Merchants.

We aim to empower PayFast Merchants with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to drive sales and enhance brand awareness. With a focus on creating impactful strategies, SiteMeUp leverages its expertise in online marketing to deliver results that matter.

Seamless Payment Solutions

By combining PayFast's seamless payment solutions with SiteMeUp's proficiency in digital marketing, this partnership aims to amplify the success of online ventures. Whether you're looking to boost sales or establish a more substantial brand presence, SiteMeUp and PayFast are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives in the dynamic and competitive digital landscape.

Elevate your online business with the power of PayFast and SiteMeUp Online Marketing.

Online Marketing Packages

+ 20% OFF all other digital services.

T&C's Apply

  • Lead & Sales Campaign
  • R2600
    per Month
  • 6 Month Commitment
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Google Ads x 2 Campaigns
  • Merchant Account Setup with Feed (WooCommerce)
  • Lead & Awareness Campaign
  • R3700
    per Month
  • 6 Month Commitment
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Google Ads - Awareness Campaign (YouTube and Display)
  • Social Media (Awareness Campaign)

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Exclusive 20% OFF all other digital marketing services for payfast merchants.

T&C's Apply

Recognising that one-size-fits-all packages may not align with the diverse needs of your business, we're delighted to extend an exclusive 20% discount on all our digital marketing services to PayFast merchants.

Explore our comprehensive range of Digital Marketing Services and reach out to initiate a discussion about your unique requirements, goals, and objectives. Let us craft a tailored digital marketing solution that perfectly aligns with the specific needs of your business.

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